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The Men’s Advance is a two-day meeting for the men of independent Baptist churches in northern Minnesota and the surrounding area. It’s like a retreat, but real men don’t retreat – they advance! The dates for the next Men’s Advance will be April 24-25, 2020.

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The main activity of the Men’s Advance is preaching. We had a great lineup of preachers this year that were a special blessing. Click below to download the messages from Men’s Advance 2019!

Pastor Dean Herring, Friday Evening

Pastor Brian Weiss, Friday Evening, “Waiting Alone”

Pastor Chuck Nicholson, Saturday Morning, “Standing Alone”

Pastor Preston Hoiseth, Saturday Morning, “Running Alone”

Pastor Dean Herring, Saturday Morning

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As in April of 2019, our next Men’s Advance will be hosted at Bible Baptist Church in Crookston, Minnesota. The address is 23928 265th St SW, Crookston, MN 56716.

Preaching theme

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This year our session speakers focused on the life of Elijah. The Bible teaches us that he was “a man subject to like passions as we are.” (James 5:17) Sometimes it seemed that Elijah was all alone – in the best of times and the worst of times. Even he had to be reminded that even when he felt the loneliest, in reality, he was never alone. See the links above to download the messages.

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This year we are excited to bring something brand new to Men’s Advance: a men’s bow shoot! On Friday afternoon, April 26, those participating in the shoot will enjoy a fun archery course of various targets in a country setting. The cost is only $5!

Bring your own bow and arrows if you have them. A limited number will be available for use for those who do not have their own. Meet at the Hoiseth farm at 1:00 pm: 22505 230th Ave SW, Crookston, MN.

Minimum age

In order to give the preachers full liberty to preach on the struggles and topics unique to men, we ask that young men be at least 14 years old to attend.

Where to stay

There are a number of good hotels in Crookston. If you need any assistance or more information, please contact us. We would love to help you find a place to stay!

What to wear

This meeting is less formal than a regular church service. Most guys will be dressed “business casual.” In other words, feel free to leave the tie at home.

How much

The registration cost for Men’s Advance is $40 per man for both Friday and Saturday. $30 for just one day. The Friday bow shoot is an additional $5.

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Next year's Men's Advance

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In 2020, Men’s Advance will be held on Friday and Saturday, April 24-25th. We hope you will make plans to be with us that weekend! Pastor Bill Marshall from Riverside Baptist Church in St. Joseph, Missouri, will be our guest speaker.

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We know that you are going to love Men’s Advance. If there’s anything we can do to help you prepare to come, or any questions you may have, please reach out to us!

Postal address: 23928 265th St SW, Crookston, MN 56716

Pastor Hoiseth: (218) 760-6103     phoiseth01@gmail.com

Pastor Nicholson: (405) 428-2936      pastornicholson@northwoodsbaptist.org