Row dividers variants

Use various row delimiters to separate content and create stylish effects.

About Row Delimiter

Short Description

You may select one of the pre set delimiter styles from the list. Style the backgrounds of the row to help them distinguish more over the background. Also check the parallax effects and various row decorations that help row dividers to stand out.

Style — Row Delimiter; Layout — all styles; Inside options — defaults;
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Image module
Vertical line at the bottom

Here it is

Boxed border delimiter

It's this short line

Default row delimiter

See the wide line

Delimiter with shadow below

Check the below example

Delimiter with shadow above

It darkens the next row a bit

Color triangle delimiter

It's at the bottom

Transparent triangle bottom

Upturned triangle

Transparent triangle top

Example is above

Transparent triangle top and bottom

Double triangle decoration

Image module
Fade top delimiter.

Nice top fade effect

Fade top and bottom.

Double fade decoration

Image module
Fade bottom delimiter

Nice bottom fade effect